Aerial disciplines Instructor and high performance international athlete in Pole Sport, Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop.

Place of Residence
Córdoba, Argentina.

I have found in the Competition world not only my place but also the inspiration for improvement and for a greater development on these disciplines I am passionate for. That is why I keep focused in fulfilling my goals and in learning as much as I can in every competition.

Provincial Champion CPSC 2014 Córdoba
National Runner-up APSC 2015 Córdoba
Finalist WPSC 2015 London
Finalist Arnold Classic 2015 Río de Janeiro
Finalist EPC 2015 Chile
Southamerican Aerial Silk Champion 2017Córdoba
4th Place Pole Art France 2016 France
4th PlacePole Art Italy 2017 Italy
Aerial Silk National Runner-up TAAT 2016 Córdoba
Aerial Silk National Champion TAAT 2017 Córdoba
Pole Sport National Champion APC 2017 Buenos Aires
Aerial Silk National Champion TAAT 2018 Córdoba
Aerial Hoop National Champion TAAT 2018 Córdoba

On 2016, I became Training Shoes Director, leading and coordinating all the activities related to Pole Sport, Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop. Today, I feel extremely proud to work along with high quality instructors on each discipline, great professionals and human beings.


I also enjoy sharing all the knowledge acquired through all these years.
My workshops aim to identify clear goals in the participants and select the strategic training to reach a deeper comprehension of them.

Workshop content
  • Plunks
  • Dynaminc sequences
  • Acrobatic movements
  • Acrobatics entrance and exit to the pole
  • Spins
Aerial Silk
Workshop content
  • Strength work. Shapes.
  • Sequences and transitions
  • Acrobatics
  • Flips
  • Re grips
Aerial Hoop
Workshop content
  • Swingings
  • Acrobatic and dynamic movements
  • Drops
  • Strengh and flexibility
  • Re grips
  • Flips

We will be going through all the content with an actively participation of the students. The aims of the workshop is to strengthen knowledge and encourage team work.

Previous knowledge
or experience is not mandatory

Minimum required: 5 students

(If this minimum is not reached, the school must take over the value of the difference)

Extention 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Per student € 50
  • Private student € 80
  • Semi-Private (2 students) € 150
Expenses Each school must take into account round trip transfer expense and accomodation expenses on the city (to be arrange).
+54 9 351 5528870
Gustavo Romanello
Thank you very much!
It would be a huge pleasure to work with you